italki and Speaking Success

Take-off After reading a lot of Olly's blog and listening to his podcasts, where he makes compelling arguments in favor of getting a tutor, I finally committed to paying for one-on-one classes through italki in February of this year. Since then, I have been diligently taking an average of 1-3 weekly lessons for 8 months. And... Continue Reading →

Long Year and Plans

It's been quite a year. Some hightlights: finished my philosophy degree, started a masters in international relations, started a new job with an English teaching company, and moved into a more permanent apartment. All was more or less in that order. What I also did was take and pass (yay!) the HSK 4, it was... Continue Reading →

Challenge: Ancient (and not so ancient) Chinese History

I took a vacation from Chinese and more or less the world during the "summer" (this is the tropics there is no summer here), the last two semesters burnt me out, 3 jobs and 5 classes will do that to you. Nevertheless, this semester has slowly but surely given me back my motivation as well... Continue Reading →

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