Grinding an Iron Pestle Down to a Needle

The other day I was listening to a ChinesPod podcast and they talked about the saying "铁杵磨成针" (tiě chǔ mó chéng zhēn) [lit. iron pestle grind into needle]. Then coincidentally I found an anecdote in my "Tales and Traditions, Vol. 1", which is kind of curious and funny. I'm going to leave you the story... Continue Reading →

Translation Practice Lesson 1

This is the end of the lesson. I thought maybe we could try to translate a menu and then show you guys something funny. Here's the menu: The first thing you notice is that even with our limited vocabulary we can recognize 鱼,白菜,鸡,肉, 牛. There are also others that are recurring 片,水煮,辣子。Let's start with these.... Continue Reading →

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