HSK 1: 16-23 Update with Mnemonics

Next set of HSK 1 characters. Notice I didn't draw the stroke orders. That's because it's up to you to find stroke orders 😛 Things are a little slow this week because of some bureaucratic processes at the university. I might also include a mnemonics sheet instead of writing a post about the characters. I've... Continue Reading →

HSK 1: 8-15

Here is the second set of characters from the HSK 1 list: 8. 中 (zhōng): center; china (as in the middle kingdom); middle [It has an alternate pronunciation "zhòng" that means hit.] 9. 国 (gúo): country; national [As in 中国- middle kingdom i.e. China.] 10. 大 (dà): big; great; important; strong; loud heavy [It's obviously... Continue Reading →

You write like a first-grader! (Part I)

I've been looking around for good references, textbooks, websites, etc. to save newbies from the "there's so much out there, what's good (what's free) and where do I start?" kind of anxieties and I came across a great little book on writing Chinese characters (汉字). It's "Learning to write Chinese Charcters" by Johan Björkstén and... Continue Reading →

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