Nouns are weird: translation exercises

Now that you have all that knowledge of nouns, we can actually do some noun-phrase translation. First, a couple of hints and examples. Noun+Noun (N+N) 春+N: N in the spring(time); N affected by spring; spring N 月+N: moon N; lunar N; N of the moon; the moon's N; moonlit N; N in the moonlight; N... Continue Reading →

Grinding an Iron Pestle Down to a Needle

The other day I was listening to a ChinesPod podcast and they talked about the saying "铁杵磨成针" (tiě chǔ mó chéng zhēn) [lit. iron pestle grind into needle]. Then coincidentally I found an anecdote in my "Tales and Traditions, Vol. 1", which is kind of curious and funny. I'm going to leave you the story... Continue Reading →

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