I’m back!

What with classes back on track and exams I kind of had a slump. I’m back on track though. I was thinking though that I might have more “random posts” than structured lessons since I’m finding out that I learn a bunch of things everyday that I want to share. Yay more posts!

This week I started Chinese classes. It’s elementary Chinese, so I don’t really learn anything new, but its nice being able to practice speaking which is what I wanted anyways. I’ve noticed that some people when they’re learning a language, they’re not really committed, it’s no wonder that they don’t learn as much as they would like to. A language takes commitment and motivation, it’s not about doing textbook worksheets and going to class repeating after your teacher. You have to ‘soak’ yourself in the language, make it so that what you learn has meaning in your life.

This week I was listening to the riddles sheep podcast on Chinese Pod and today I told it to my teacher and he really liked it. I couldn’t remember how to say sea animal so I didn’t say the whole riddle, but I did remember this much:

Literal: Field on came one flock sheep, guess type fruit.
Translation: A flock of sheep came to a field, guess the type of fruit.

Answer: 草莓
(cǎo méi)

But strawberry has the same pronunciation as 草没 as in no grass cause the sheep ate it. Ha!

Next one:

Literal: Field on again came one flock wolves, guess type fruit.
Translation: Then, came a flock of wolves onto the field, guess the type of fruit.

Answer: 杨梅
Red Bayberry
(yáng meí)

Ah, but you might have guessed it yourself that it sounds like 羊没 as in no sheep cause the wolves ate them.


I was surprised that I remembered how to say the riddle (except for wolves-狼 láng-for some reason I remembered it was like sheep but that’s it) since I only listened to the podcast twice. I remembered some key things:

上 To indicate that the sheep came “onto” the field.
群 (qún) The measure word for a flock or herd or big group
一种 A type
又 (yòu) Indicates that the wolves came after the sheep in a maybe similar fashion.


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