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I’ve been trying to be more active in the Chinese learning community online and I have found a lot of things. There are tons of blogs out there on Chinese! I’ve signed up for updates from many blogs. At the moment I can’t remember them all, but one that really stands out is Hacking Chinese. I mentioned it before when I told you guys I signed up for the Character Challenge. It’s a great site for guidance and it seems like its a big community.

I also got a twitter! @MandarinWManu. There’s not much on it yet, but through it I found this site (credit to Laowai Chinese), which is great for listening practice. I signed up (it’s free) and got started with an elementary course on going out to dinner. This is great for our lesson.

I’m pretty excited for all these great resources and hopefully I will have a lot of time to study because of the workers’ strike at my university.

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